Bend’s Locally Owned Artificial Grass Company

We are proud to live, work, and play in Bend, OR.

We’re on the DIY channel. Billy Derian will only use our turf!

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Landscape Grass

Landscape grass is a perfect alternative to natural grass. Over the years, the technology has improved so much that you can’t tell the fake from the real anymore.

Pet Grass

Pet grass is made specifically for dogs but it’s unique qualities make it perfect for use with other animals too…such as cats and horses. The grass has a technology built right into the fibers to keep your pets cool.

Playground Turf & Grass

Playground turf & grass is gorgeous, safe, low maintenance, cost effective alternatives to traditional playground surfacing such as dirt, grass, bark chips (which are dirty and harbor insects), and expensive rubber landing areas!

Golf Greens Grass

If you enjoy golf, you’ll want to have a putting green in your own backyard. Putting greens are great for practicing your shot, a little exercise after work, or just entertaining your friends.

Sports Grass

Because of the significant costs associated with maintaining football and soccer fields, many communities are considering the installation of artificial sports grass vs real grass.